Dan (danwashere) wrote,

Vegas update

- This update consists enitirely of quotes from Las Vegas.

- They were preserved by text messaging them to myself.

- Most of them were said while intoxicated.

- "AIDS is funny now. Didn't you hear?" - Allan

- "That's supposed to look like New York." - Katie (in reference to New York , New York)

- "I was supposed to do something. Then I forgot." - Linnea

- "Gregster?" - Katie

- "I've already gotten drunk and sobered up twice today." - Allan

- "Look at me! I'm Ann and I don't drink your cigarettes!" - Linnea

- "I'm so drunk tomorrow." - Allan

- "Gobble gobble, bitches." - Allan (in reference to Lord knows what)

- "Coke?? Why not? It's good." - Allan

- "How about I give you the God damn Hobbit dick?" - Dan

- "You've had a hard day.....I'm gonna give you a hard night" - Allan

- "Ohoooohoho! I found the jet. That's fun!" - Ann

- "Ann Bouma, come back here with a skirt that's less tight." - Dan

- "Fuck Lab Fegas!!" - Dan

- "If you need me to pee in a cup for you I will." - Dan
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