Dan (danwashere) wrote,

Vegas update

- This update consists enitirely of quotes from Las Vegas.

- They were preserved by text messaging them to myself.

- Most of them were said while intoxicated.

- "AIDS is funny now. Didn't you hear?" - Allan

- "That's supposed to look like New York." - Katie (in reference to New York , New York)

- "I was supposed to do something. Then I forgot." - Linnea

- "Gregster?" - Katie

- "I've already gotten drunk and sobered up twice today." - Allan

- "Look at me! I'm Ann and I don't drink your cigarettes!" - Linnea

- "I'm so drunk tomorrow." - Allan

- "Gobble gobble, bitches." - Allan (in reference to Lord knows what)

- "Coke?? Why not? It's good." - Allan

- "How about I give you the God damn Hobbit dick?" - Dan

- "You've had a hard day.....I'm gonna give you a hard night" - Allan

- "Ohoooohoho! I found the jet. That's fun!" - Ann

- "Ann Bouma, come back here with a skirt that's less tight." - Dan

- "Fuck Lab Fegas!!" - Dan

- "If you need me to pee in a cup for you I will." - Dan
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allan wins
i bet allan's liver wins the race to the finish too.
go allan!
fuck yeah, me and my liver pwn all, but dan you forgot this gem:

"i need more water than you could ever imagine" - dan jesse
clearly you werent there for the glory of Daniel drunkenness. Alan's good, but people look forward to Daniels stupid drunk ass.

Ive got footage to prove it's might
Aw. I wish I was 21, and I wish I could go to Vegas with you boys.
haha so good.

I kept a business card in my wallet and wrote down a ton of stuff on it while we were in vegas. I have been meaning to post it but some of isn't entirely legible.
you need to make those quotes into a lil book thingy and draw pictures for each one. haha